New Firmware (Rev. 5 Beta 1) Released for DRO-350

Three protocols are now supported, using the following naming conventions:

  • 24bit - The original Chinese protocol already supported by the DRO-350 (a.k.a Sylvac) with two 24 bit binary words encoded in a raw count at 20480 CPI
  • bcd7 - Seven nibbles with the first six containing a BCD-encoded representation of the scale display and the last nibble containing flags
  • bin6 - Six nibbles with the first five containing a binary representation of the scale display and the last containing flags

NOTE: The new scale support does come at a cost. Both the mill and lathe versions were already completely full so a feature had to be removed from each to free up some available space. For the mill the bolt hole circles were removed and for the lathe compound vectoring was removed. All other features are still included.

The DRO-350 firmware now has an additional protocol setup screen that allows one to select the scale protocol in use for each axis.  To use the new protocol, you must set the proper CPI for the scale on the CPI setup screen.  The original protocol is 20480 CPI (the default) while the new protocols both use 2540 CPI if they are in mm mode and 2000 CPI if they are in inch mode.  Since the new scales power up in mm mode, it is recommended you use the 2540 CPI setting and letting the DRO-350 handle the inch/mm conversion.  If everything is set up correctly, then you should see the readings for each scale on the DRO-350 display.

Release 5 software is being released as a Beta 1 release.  It has not been extensively tested so there could be bugs or other problems using it.  If anyone discovers issues while using it, please post a detailed report on the group.

WARNING!!!: Be advised that the bin6 scales all seem to have their frame connected to the negative battery terminal while the 24bit and bcd7 scales have their frame connected to the positive battery terminal.  If you use the DRO-350 to power your scales, you cannot allow a bin6 scale to come in electrical contact with 24bit or bcd7 scales.  Doing so will short the 1.5V power supply in the DRO-350 and will cause it to shutdown until the short is removed.



Rev 5 (Beta 1) Protocol Setup Screen


Rev 5 (Beta 1) CPI Setup Screen


Rev 5 (Beta 1) Readings Screen

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